Great Lakes Hockey League

Fond du Lac “Bears” Down on Mosinee

Saturday Mar 29, 2014 - 11:57pm CT
By: QCWilly

Bearing done on Mosinee

The Mosinee Papermakers played their final game of the regular scheduled season in Fond du Lac Friday night March 28th. The Bears were clearly in hibernation in the first period as they went down 4-0. But the Bear’s never looked down. For Mosinee this was Déjà vu for those who remember the comeback that the Bears made to knock out Mosinee in the GLHL tournament in Madison a couple short years ago.


Early in the second they were down 5 but then they woke up, stopped Mosinee’s passing game, and started scoring. At 8:10 in the second they scored their first goal and less than 2-1/2 minutes later the score was 5-3. With this awakening and the forward momentum they continued with two more scores ending regular play 5-5 with two goals from the power play. Overtime was a slug fest and the Bears came away with a major comeback in front of a large home crowd.


Scoring for Mosinee was Nicholas Kenny with two goals. Eric Vehlow, Brian Bednarczyk, and Max Culp each scored one. Jake Michalski was the goalie and he had 52 saves on the game. The shot count at the end of the first period was 14-24 with Mosinee leading. But at the end both teams had 58.

Mosinee will enter the 2014 GLHL Friday at 2 PM in Fond du Lac.


Scoring sheet:



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Ice Dogs "Max'ed out" in the Third

Sunday Mar 23, 2014 - 5:00pm CT
By: QCWilly


The Papermakers wrapped up the game in the third period.  The papermakers led early after Eric Vehlow scored first followed by the returning Nicholas Kenny a couple minutes later. The first period ended 2-0. Mosinee’s Jake Michalski denied their 7 attempts in the first period and left town with the win (8-2) and 24 saves on the game.


Each team scored one goal in the second as well as a flurry of penalties, ejections, and game suspensions.  Fox City had the only two penalties in the first period. But in the second there were five apiece which included a game misconduct for James Jernberg and his assailent. Justin Johnson scored an unassisted short hand goal during the Ice Dogs “Pow Pow Power play (PPPP)”.


The third period started 3-1 and action did not settle down as 8 more penalties developed. The Ice Dogs scored closing the game to 3-2 with less than 10 minutes to play. Then Max Culp brought the pain. He scored two goals in 13 seconds and a third PPPP goal at the end for the hat trick; all 3 goals in about 6 minutes of play. Also scoring in the final part of the game was Greg Hanson on a short hand goal and Brian Dombrowski. Brian’s was an unassisted goal and his first in the GLHL. It was a wraparound that looked like it would be a pass but he snuck it in. All together the Ice Dogs gave up 5 goals in 6 minutes and 7 seconds in the final 7 minutes of regulation. 


Both teams have one more game to play in regular season. Then they could meet again in the GLHL tournament.


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Madison Blues Lose Respect in Mosinee

Sunday Mar 16, 2014 - 7:33pm CT
By: QCWilly

Doing what is right.

The Madison Blues Hockey team lost this game 4-2 in Mosinee but lost much more. At the end of regulation Madison Blues coach/owner Pete Goeser and three of his players left the ice without the customary hand shake at center ice. This left many fans of hockey disheartened. It was viewed by the writer as a disgrace to the GLHL and to the game of hockey itself. The three other players were #16 Mike Goeser, #6 Travis Davenport, and # 5 Scott Perkins. The remaining players did not follow the lead of the Coach.


This is a full check adult hockey league and this was a full check hockey game. The hits are not counted but if they were it could have been a record. Mosinee scored first with a goal by Brian Bednarczyk and then another by Justin Johnson to take an early 2-0 lead. Madison scored twice in the second period, once on a power play.  But Tom Lentz of Mosinee also brought one home. Tension was clearly building in this game and distracted from a regular rhythm. The Papermakers fourth goal was made by Eric Vehlow in the middle of the third. Seconds of play later and there was a head contact penalty made by Tom Rane of the Madison Blues that erupted into a couple fights that left an unfortunate injury to Chris Berens who suffered a broken fibula in the altercation.


Jake Michalski tended the net for the first period with 9 saves. Anthony Lashua played the remainder and came away with 20 saves. Madison’s Brad Jerzewski had 36 saves.


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Papermakers make comeback win in De Pere

Saturday Mar 15, 2014 - 4:00pm CT
By: QCWilly

Travis Michalski

The Mosinee Papermakers overcame a 2 goal deficit from the first period to win 3-2 in overtime with the final goal scored from this games bad boy Travis Michalski.  He had the only two Papermaker penalties in this otherwise reverent game played by the De Pere Deacons who had but one penalty.

It was an incredible defensive stance by Mosinee after the first period which ended 0-2. The shot count for the first period was 15 for the Deacons and 10 for the Papermakers. By the end of the game it was 38 for the Deacons and 44 for the Papermakers. Mosinee visibly started out slow but this short bench of 14 active players went to work and dug in. It was a team defensive stance. De Pere has a breakaway offense that was contained by the defensive players and if they missed then Mosinee’s goalie Jake Michalski made the save including a game winning save late in the game.



Fans got their monies worth as the game went into overtime. The final minutes of regular play were breathtaking but the overtime play was even more frantic. The game was truly up for grabs to whoever wanted it most. Honestly it was a surprise to some as the odds appeared against Mosinee as goalie Dave Eland of De Pere was brutal. The most frequent sound of the entire night was his glove catching pucks. But somehow defensive player Travis Michalski got one in when it mattered most. He was assisted by Max Culp and Theran Bauer. Eric Vehlow and Theran Bauer scored the other two goals. 

Score sheet.

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Bearing done on Mosinee Bearing done on Mosinee
Mosinee scores Mosinee scores
Dude! Dude!
Having fun. Having fun.
Dog Fight Dog Fight
Big Dog Falls Big Dog Falls
Dude! Dude!
Both 7 and 27 received game misconduct Both 7 and 27 received game misconduct
Max Culp, hat trick game Max Culp, hat trick game
Doing what is right. Doing what is right.
Nardo Scores first goal Nardo Scores first goal
?????????? ??????????
Justin Johnson Scores Justin Johnson Scores
Travis Michalski Travis Michalski
This was a game of inches. This was a game of inches.